Agar Brugiavini

She is a Lecturer in Political Economy at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, Director of the Scuola Superiore “Collegio Internazionale Ca’ Foscari” and Director of the CINTIA research centre. She is Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Max Planck Institute in Munich. Her research interests include consumer choices and family savings, pensions, labour participation and the economics of ageing. She plays a key role in the European SHARE project. She has published numerous academic articles and has written for scientific magazines; she is on the editorial committee of the Journal of Pension Economics and Finance. Her publications include, Longer-term Consequences of the Great Recession on the Lives of Europeans (with G. Weber), Oxford University Press (2014); Il muro delle pensioni. Idee dall'Europa per riformare il welfare (with T. Boeri), Il Sole 24 Ore Pirola (2000). Furthermore, together with T. Jappelli, she edited Verso un nuovo sistema di architettura sociale per la famiglia, Il Mulino (2010).


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introduced by Gabriella Berloffa “Fragility” is a widespread condition among the elderly population in Europe. The...