Flavia Bustreo

Since 2010 she has been Assistant Director General for the Family, Women’s and Children’s Health at the World Health Organisation. For over 20 years she has concerned herself with the field of maternal and child health within the WHO. In 2010 she led the development of the United Nations Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health and she has contributed to creating the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. She has worked as a specialist doctor with disabled children and adolescents and with NGOs involved in post-conflict operations in the former Yugoslavia and in Iraq. She has written numerous articles and papers, such as those for the World Scientific Handbook of Global Health Economics and Public Policy, World Scientific (2016); Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer, 2014. The health of the 51%: Women, Department of Health (2015); Maternal Mortality, Human Rights and Accountability. Studies in the Maternal, Routledge (2014).


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The women and children of the world are smiling

introduced by Roberto Satolli There is some good news about health around the world: fewer women die in childbirth...