Gino Strada

He is a doctor specialising in emergency surgery. Until 1988 he worked at the hospitals of Rho (Milano) and Bergamo, where he dealt mainly with heart transplant surgery. From 1989 to 1994, he worked in war zones for the International Committee of the Red Cross: Pakistan, Ethiopia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Peru, Djibouti, Somalia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 1994, together with his wife, he founded Emergency, an association offering free high quality medical and surgical treatment to the victims of war and poverty, continuing to dedicate his time to humanitarian activities. As a result of his great humanity, the precious work carried out in war zones and his continuing denunciation of the causes of war, in 2015 he was the first Italian to be awarded the Right Livelihood Award, known as the alternative Nobel Prize. He has written: Zona rossa (with R. Satolli), Feltrinelli (2015); Buskashì. Viaggio dentro la guerra, Feltrinelli (2013); Pappagalli verdi. Cronache di un chirurgo di guerra, Feltrinelli (2013).


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Medicine and human rights

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