Giuseppe Remuzzi

He has been Director of the Nephrology and Dialysis Unit since 1999, and Director of the Department of Medicine at ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII (formerly the Riuniti Hospital) in Bergamo since 2011. Since 2015 he has been Ordinary Professor of Nephrology at the University of Milan. He coordinates all the research activities at the Bergamo branch of the Istituto Mario Negri and the Centro di Ricerche Cliniche per le Malattie Rare “Aldo e Cele Daccò” in Ranica (BG). He has received numerous prestigious awards for his scientific and research activities in the field of nephrology. Kidney Transplantation, Bioengineering and Regeneration: Kidney Transplantation in the Regenerative Medicine Era (with G. Orlando and D.F. Williams), Academic Press (2017), is currently in the process of publication; among other things, he has published Siamo geni, Sperling & Kupfer (2016); La scelta. Perché è importante decidere come vorremmo morire, Sperling & Kupfer (2015).


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