Jonathan Gruber

He is the Ford Professor of Economics at the MIT, where he has taught since 1992. He is also the Director of the Health Care Program at the NBER, and President of the American Society of Health Economists. He is a member of the Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Academy of Social Insurance, and the Econometric Society. In 2006 he received the American Society of Health Economists Inaugural Medal for the best health economist in the nation aged 40 and under. During 2009-2010 he served as a technical consultant to the Obama Administration and worked with both the Administration and Congress to help craft the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. He has published more than 160 research articles, has edited six research volumes, and is the author of Public Finance and Public Policy, a leading undergraduate text, and a graphic novel Health Care Reform, Hill and Wang (2011).


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The past, present and future of health care reform in the US

introduced by Stefano Lepri What has happened thus far with health reform in the USA? And what will it be like in the...