Marco Onado

Lecturer at the Department of Finance at Bocconi University in Milan


01 21:00

I, Daniel Blake

director Ken Loach with Dave Johns, Hayley Squires, Dylan Mckiernan And they call it welfare. An elderly tradesman...
02 10:30

Gli oracoli della moneta

organised by Il Mulino discussed with Alberto Baglioni, Marco Onado coordinated by Tonia Mastrobuoni
02 21:00

The country doctor

director Thomas Lilti with François Cluzet, Marianne Denicourt, Christophe Odent The film shows how important and...
03 21:00

La pazza gioia

director Paolo Virzì with Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Micaela Ramazzotti, Valentina Carnelutti A search for happiness by...