Orley Ashenfelter

He is Joseph Douglas Green 1895 Professor of Economics and former Director of the Industrial Relations Section at Princeton University. He has been President of the American Economic Association, the American Law and Economics Association, and the Society of Labor Economics. He is currently President of the American Association of Wine Economists. He edited the “American Economic Review” and founded and edited the "American Law and Economics Review. "‎ As Director of the Office of Evaluation of the US Department of Labor in 1972, he began the work that is now widely recognized as the separate field of "quantitative social program evaluation." He is also regarded as the originator of the use of so-called "natural experiments" to infer causality about economic relationships. He has also been the leader in the recent emphasis in quantitative economic analysis on the use of creative methods of data collection. He has been editor of the "American Economic Review" and founder and editor of the "American Law and Economics Review". Among other things, he has published Discrimination in Labor Markets (with A. Rees), Princeton University Press (2015), and Statistics and Econometrics: Methods and Applications (with P.B. Levine and D.J. Zimmerman), Wiley (2002).


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