Roberto Satolli

Doctor and journalist


21 16:30

Unequal health

introduced by Giuseppe Laterza speaker Ugo Rossi chaired by Roberto Satolli A healthy life and active ageing are...
01 21:00

Non-profit-making, private and independent

introduced by Roberto Satolli For over half a century the Istituto Mario Negri has had a unique role in the Italian...
01 21:00

Pharmageddon – the last healthy man on earth

Produced by the non-profit NGO Emergency, promoted by the Fondazione Franco Demarchi performed by Mario Spallino text...
02 12:00

Its easy to use the term universal: a comparison of systems

organised by “” with Paolo Bordon, Andrea Lesca, Sabina Nuti, Licia Petropoulacos, Elio Riboli, Serena...
02 16:00

Health and new technology

organised by “” with Francesca Demichelis, Gianfelice Rocca, Luigi Tavazzi, Alberto Tozzi, Paolo Traverso,...
02 21:00

Medicine and human rights

introduced by Roberto Satolli The right to medical care is a universal human right, and as such every individual must...
03 12:00

Research funding and choosing priorities

organised by with Roberto Cingolani, Nicoletta Luppi, Alberto Nucciarelli, Francesca Pasinelli, Giselda...
03 21:00

The women and children of the world are smiling

introduced by Roberto Satolli There is some good news about health around the world: fewer women die in childbirth...