Vincenzo Atella

He is a Professor of Economics at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata". He is also adjunct associate of the CHP/PCOR (Center for health Policy) at Stanford where he has been visiting professor in different occasions. Currently, he is CEIS Tor Vergata Director and Scientific Director of the Farmafactoring Foundation, chief economist of SIMG (Italian Association of General Practitioners) and member of the European Steering Group on Sustainable Health. His most recent research on health economics deals with the introduction of new technologies in the health sector, the impact of different co-payment systems on pharmaceutical decision making by physicians and on drug consumption by patients, forecasting health expenditure and measuring health related income inequalities. The results of this research activity have been published on several international refereed journals as well books, including La tempesta perfetta. Il possibile naufragio del SSN: come evitarlo (with W. Ricciardi, C. Cricelli and F. Serra), Vita e Pensiero (2015), and Progresso tecnologico, produttività e domanda di fattori nell'industria manifatturiera italiana (with B. Quintieri), Il Mulino (2002).


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